Darius is a complex anti-hero, that doesn't trust women because he has forgotten to trust himself...  this glimpses into the ACTUAL thoughts of a man, who seemingly battles with everyone because the real battle is within himself.  - Danie Spikes, Relationship Expert

 A Taste of Fate: Ultimus Primed brings fresh perspectives on the roles of men in dating, sex, and relationships.


He had it all. The status. The money. The women. The skills. Or so he thought. Ultimus Primed is a lustful, moving and hilarious tale following Darius James, a reckless yet successful thirty-something divorce attorney in Miami that seems to have it all. The former football star's world of ease is turned inside out when he is diagnosed with a brutally comical and highly unusual medical condition that questions the quality of women, sex and relationships in his life. Will it make him a better or bitter man?


Chances are few people have ever thought about being left with only a small number of orgasms in their lives, but author William Ashanti Hobbs has, and he’s giving it to readers in his novel, A Taste of Fate: Ultimus Primed. Darius James is a reckless, successful thirty-something divorce lawyer who has it all: women, status, money, the works. But his life takes a brutally comical and highly unusual turn when he is diagnosed with such a condition that forces him to reexamine everything he thought about relationships, sex, and what it takes to live a happy life. Already positioned for a sequel, Ultimus Primed entertains with humor, sharp dialogue and unique themes, giving a much-needed, fresh perspective on the relationships that appeals to both men and women.

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